3 Billion Accounts Compromised in the 2013 Yahoo! Data Breach

Yahoo! Data Breach

Remember that Yahoo! breach back in 2013 that affected the accounts of 1 billion people? Well, it turns out the number of affected accounts is 3 billion. On Tuesday Yahoo! made a statement regarding the full scope of the breach based on new information discovered by third-party forensics. This makes the Yahoo breach the biggest one in history yet.

The accounts affected by the breach involve any account created during or before 2013. The hack also extends to Yahoo! services like Tumblr, Fantasy, Flickr. The information compromised during the hack included names, email address, telephone numbers, date of births, usernames and passwords. While the stolen passwords were not in clear text form, the encryption hash used is MD5 which is not as secure as far as encryption hashes go.

Yahoo! has sent notifications to all the users who are suspected to have their information breached. Victims of the breach are encouraged to take proactive measures to ensure the integrity of their accounts. It is suggested to change passwords and security questions on all your accounts. Furthermore set up a two-step verification with a phone number not associated with your current account.

The revelation of the scope of the Yahoo! data breach comes less than of month after the Equifax hack. In less than thirty days we have witnessed two of the most impactful breaches in history.One is the most extensive breach regarding size and the latter possibly being the most damaging one. Let just hope that another breach does not break these records in the future.

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