Actress Sarah Hyland’s Nudes get Leaked

Sarah Hyland

Another celebrity’s nudes got leaked, again. American actress Sarah Hyland, known for her role in the popular sitcom Modern Family, has had naked pictures of her leaked onto the internet. A video with sexual content of Hyland has also been part of the released media files. It is yet unknown how or by who the media files got divulged. There are speculations that the leak happened through the actress’s iCloud account being compromised but as of yet, there is no concrete evidence.

Now look, I do not judge people for taking nude pictures or videos of themselves. It’s a free country, and everyone can do whatever they want on their free time. That being said, I don’t feel bad for people who get their nudes leaked, especially when the leak happens through a cloud server. One would think that with the Fappening that happened three years ago people would have learned their lesson. Even assuming that no-one hacks your cloud service, did you know that there are people on the back-end that have access to all your files? Some pervert from your cloud service could be looking at compromising pictures of you without your knowledge.

Revenge porn aside, getting sensitive media of yours leaked is in part, your fault for not securing said media. But worry not, here are some steps to make sure that your R-rated pictures and videos don’t get released:

  • Disable cloud syncing services on your phone
  • Disable internet service, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth until after the next step
  • Upload the files into your computer
  • Delete the files from your phone
  • Save the files into a password protected flash drive
  • Delete the files from your computer
  • Store the flash drive in a locked safe or bury it in an undisclosed location

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