E3: Nintendo Showcases New Games for the Switch and 3DS

Super Mario Odyssey E3

In this year’s E3 conference Nintendo unveiled a number of titles for its new Nintendo Switch console and the 3DS. The company has enjoyed considerable success with its release of the Nintendo Switch earlier this year, selling millions of units during its launch and even becoming the best selling console in April. The console would sell out so fast people would line up early in stores early in the morning for a chance to get one. Given the lack of titles during launch, this conference came as a breath of fresh air, displaying all the new games that will soon become available.

It is no secret that Nintendo’s Switch console pales in comparison to the Xbox One and the PS4 when it comes to hardware specification. However, Nintendo’s goal has never been to make games that relied heavily on its graphical performance. Nintendo has always aimed to provide quality gameplay and new ways for players to immerse themselves in their games. We can see this innovation with games like Arms and Splatoon 2.

This trend is set to continue for the coming years as the Nintendo Switch follows the Wii’s blue ocean strategy. The Switch’s motion sensor controls, portability, and local multiplayer will allow Nintendo to continue developing innovative games. However, there is still a major issue that continues to haunt Nintendo since its Wii days(pun intended). Given its hardware limitations, third-party developers struggle to release games for the Switch. This means most games released for the Xbox One and PS4 will not make it for the Nintendo console.

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