Job Hunting Made Easy: Google Releases AI Powered Job Search Feature

Google Job Search Engine

For all the people currently looking for a job, your hunt has just become a little easier. Google just released an AI-powered job search feature in its search engine to help you find that perfect job. This search feature allows you to search through major job portals and boards and integrate them on a single query. The feature is currently available in English on desktop and mobile devices.

We have all have had to experience, at least once, the time-consuming sport of job hunting. In recent years though, with the power of the internet, job seekers and employers have a platform that makes this task less daunting. Nonetheless, given the large number of websites that serve as job portals, searching and applying for employment ends up being a job in itself. This position requires experience in registering to different employment sites, searching through various databases of job postings(with some of the postings being duplicates), and using the right filters to find relevant postings. Google is taking steps to change that.

Google aims to make job searching easier by allowing you to search through multiple job boards and consolidate them under a single query. Some of this major job boards include LinkedIn, Monster, Facebook, Googles own company’s homepage and much more. To use the feature all you need to do is type “jobs near me” in Google’s search engine which will result in many job postings displayed on a widget.

The job search feature uses machine learning algorithms to remove duplicate postings, filter and categorize the listings. You can further refine the search by industry, date posted, city, company type, title, employer, and full or part-time. Once you find your desired posting, Google will direct you to the relevant job board to begin the application. While it might seem Google is trying to enter the job board business, the company has stated that this is not the case. Google will not allow people to post jobs through it directly saying that their aim is to provide existing job boards with a platform that allows them to perform better.

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