Monopoly Man Crashes Equifax Senate Hearing

Monopoly Man Equifax Hearing

You can only appreciate the severity of the Equifax breach when Rich Uncle Pennybags himself shows up for the Senate hearing. A Prankster dressed as the familiar monopoly mascot made an appearance at a Senate Banking Committee hearing investigating the Equifax data breach. The prankster can be seen in the background acting concerned and holding the games “get out of jail free card” while former Equifax CEO Richard Smith testified.

Apparently, the stunt was organized by an advocacy group named Public Citizen, a nonprofit organization dedicated to standing up to corporate power. The feat was a statement regarding how Equifax is attempting to force arbitration over the people affected by the breach. Arbitration would allow Equifax to block consumers access to the courts and deny the ability to pursue further litigation. The organization’s president, Robert Weissman states that forcing arbitration essentially give companies a monopoly over the justice system.

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