Netflix Releases New Trailer for Death Note Live Action Film

Death Note Film

Netflix just released the latest trailer for its live-action adaptation of the Death Note manga series. I would like to take this opportunity and thank Netflix and their unlimited budget works(Fate/stay reference) for allowing this new adaptation to become a reality. So far, there have been five Death Note live action movies and one mini-series released in Japan. Given its popularity, I expected more films and spinoffs released in the Japanese market. What I did not expect was for an American version of the popular Japanese manga series. That’s why when Netflix released its teaser trailer in March, Death Note fans in America were elated. However, the enthusiasm is not shared by all the fans with some feeling the film deviates from its source material and the casting choices.

L(left) and Light(right)

L(left) and Light(right)

For the people who have not watched or read the Death Note series, I will explain the basic premise without spoiling much. A high school student, Light, finds a notebook called the Death Note. This is not just any regular notebook; it allows you to kill any person just by writing down their name. However, there are certain rules and restrictions related to how a person can be killed and the manner in which they die. Once Light finds this notebook, he goes on a crusade to kill every criminal he can. The mysterious circumstances in which criminals die eventually gain the attention of Interpol and a famous detective, L, who is known for solving impossible cases. The series revolves around L and Light plotting and outmaneuvering each other. The series also steps into philosophical themes on whether what Light does is right or wrong and its impact on society.

Here is the latest trailer of the Death Note film. Let us know your opinion in the comments. Do you wish for the movie to stay faithful to its source material or will it take creative liberties? Also, what do you think about the casting choices for Light and L?

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