Showtime’s Website Mined Cryptocurrency With Coinhive

Showtime Crypto Mining

If you watched your favorite show on Showtime’s website, odds are you lent some of your processing power to mine cryptocurrency. This past weekend a script named Coinhive was spotted running in the background of and The purpose of the script was to use the client computer’s CPU power to mine cryptocurrency. The script was first spotted on the websites by various Twitter users. As of yet, it is unknown for how long the script miner has been running on the site. The script has since been removed from the sites.

Coinhive is a JavaScript-based miner that can be embedded into a website to mine for a cryptocurrency named Monero(XMR). When a user visits a website containing the embedded code, it uses some of the users processing power to mine for the website’s owner. This is sometimes used to generate revenue to a site without the need of advertisement. Other times, as the case with Showtime, the miner is used to mine for XMR without disclosing it to the users.

Showtime has not issued an official statement regarding the script running on the site. Odds are it was done by someone with webmaster privileges who wanted to give himself a raise. The popular torrenting site, The Pirate Bay, has also recently been discovered to be mining for cryptocurrencies without the user’s knowledge. Cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic recently given the surprising gains in BitCoin and other coins. As of yet, many aspects regarding this emerging coinage remain unregulated with different governments taking different stances on the matter.

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