Time Warner Cable Data Leak Exposes 320000 Usernames and Passwords

Time Warner Cable Leak

Time Warner Cable has fallen victim to data breach affecting more than 320,000 customers. The data that was compromised includes user’s email addresses and passwords. So far the group responsible for the breach has not been determined. The company is working with relevant authorities to find the responsible parties.

Time Warner announced the data breach shortly after the FBI informed them they had found 320,000 customer email accounts and passwords. A company spokesperson told NBC News the accounts leaked were associated with the Roadrunner service. The FBI also warns Time Warner might not be the only internet service provider affected.

“The company is now working with the FBI, which first informed them of the stolen emails and passwords, all (at least all that were reported to TWC) belonging to the Roadrunner service.Customers with emails ending in “@rr.com” may be affected and should be receiving communications from TWC shortly with indications on how to reset passwords,” states an NBC News report” The TWC spokesperson indicated that data provided by the FBI was part of a wider disclosure including other ISPs. NBC News will update this story if more providers or services are found to have been affected.”

As of now it is not clear where the data leak originated from. According to Time Warner officials, the breach does not seem like it occurred in Time Warner’s servers. They believe the leak might have originated from third parties who had access to the customers’ accounts. Another possibility is Phishing campaigns where customers data is systematically collected and compiled can also be responsible for the breach.

Time Warner is in the process of informing its affected customers about the violation and the steps required to secure their accounts according to an email to Pcmag. Customers with emails ending in “@rr.co” should verify with Time Warner to assure the integrity of their accounts. This is not the first time Time Warner had security issues. If the breach did not occur in Time Warner, companies would have to make new protocols in how it shares information with third parties

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